NextCloud bulletproof – Part 1

To increase the security of the NextCloud instance, we work on some points of the test website and thus ensure a smooth and secured operation of our cloud.
What do we want to achieve?

A cloud that is as secure as possible on the internet, to keep our data safe and private.
This requires several steps.

Email security – New scam attempts

Recently, some security holes in the Exchange servers have been closed, but the fraud attempts continue. reports a fraud attempt in which previously stolen e-mail communication was used to initiate a payment by the recipient via a typo-squatting domain in which, for example, numbers are substituted for letters (

Call from Microsoft – SCAM – Beware!

Old hat, actually:

Someone calls and says they are from Microsoft and would help you clean your PC. In reality, remote maintenance is set up, the criminal counterpart encrypts your PC and thus wants to extort a “ransom”.