E-Mail – Yes, I do?!

Yes, of course.

Communication via e-mail has become indispensable, there are countless free providers and e-mail addresses are usually included with every DSL access. But there are situations where an @gmx.net address is no longer sufficient as a meaningful business e-mail.

You have a website, a store or a nice artist internet presence? Then surely you want to communicate with your company or domain name? Or do you have several employees, departments and would like to realign your communication in a targeted way?

What do you need? Cloud or on-premise?

Es gibt verschiedene Ansätze, die E-Mail Kommunikation Ihres Unternehmens abzubilden:

  • The Cloud:
    Email in the cloud is very common and popular today. Providers such as Google or Microsoft also offer a paid email service for companies with their offerings, with functions such as shared calendars, contacts, etc.
    Many providers offer free email accounts in their hosting plans and additionally Exchange email mailboxes for a monthly fee.
  • on-premise:
    Everything within your own four walls; that is the philosophy. On-premise means that the services are mapped to the company's own infrastructure. This is where Microsoft's Exchance servers come into play. Increasingly in demand in this area are solutions from the open source sector, which do not incur monthly licensing costs and represent a great alternative for many.
  • your “own” Cloud:
    In this scenario, your company has its own servers and services running in the data center. This incurs fees such as server rental. Quite often, this solution is implemented with open source products on a Linux server.

The right solution

As a blanket statement, “There is no one right solution!”

But there is a solution that is right for your needs and application:

  • How big is your company?
  • How many accounts do you need?
  • Document archiving?
  • Privacy policy?
  • Encryption/ Signing

Together with you, we analyze your requirements, weigh the costs against the benefits offered and find a solution that is optimally tailored to you.

Our partners at e-mail communication solutions

Products and partners proven over years, with whom we can simplify and realize your communication together.

If you want a cloud solution with strong partners such as Microsoft, IONOS, Google, etc., we are happy to be your contact and take care of the setup, smooth operation and take care of things like encryption, signing or document archiving.

In the case of a self-hosted solution, whether in your own cloud or on-premise, we are also there for you from the installation of the operating system to checking your mail server for the correct and important configuration. We make sure that all protocols and settings fit, so that other communication partners do not sort out your important company e-mails as spam or advertising.

For an individual offer please contact us via our form, via email or phone.