Every web presence needs a place from which the data is to be delivered to the browser by means of a server. The files and databases are stored on storage media in the data center.

Now, a private business card website cannot be compared with a website of a medium-sized company. The small private site is usually stored on a shared hosting at providers like Ionos, Strato and many others and one server is responsible for several websites. This way the resources are shared between the sites and the cost for such a site is usually a single digit euro amount per month or even per year.

Larger websites like content management systems, store systems or large databases need a bit more than shared hosting. Often such systems are hosted on “bare-metal”, i.e. a dedicated server or on virtual machines with enough power.

what do I need for my project?

It depends…” could also be the answer here.

Your private website with static content doesn't need an expensive server of its own. Here shared-hosting is exactly the right choice. Static websites, i.e. pages that consist only of HTML and CSS content, have become rare today.

Many users and customers like to manage their content independently in a nice web interface. Such a CMS system usually runs with PHP, an open source scripting language. The HTML content is generated by the server using this PHP each time and delivered to the browser of the viewer of the website. This generation needs a bit more computing power than delivering static content. Depending on the size and scope of the project, one decides between virtualized or dedicated servers.

Important for the decision of a hosting is also the failure safety of the service. The failure of the private homepage for a few minutes a year is certainly annoying, but the failure of a store system for several hours a day costs the operator revenue. When strategically planning the exit, these factors should be taken into account, as well as the possibility of scaling.

Therefore, “it always depends…” what goal you have in mind and how big the available budget is. We will find the optimal solution for you, be it shared-hosting, which we will also gladly manage and maintain for you, or a cluster of servers with virtualization solutions.