Website and E-Mail Server hardening

How secure is your website?
How secure is your email server?

Webserver/ Website

Website runs, e-mail usually arrives. For most users, this is enough and no further security or protection is thought of.

This is a big mistake!

Certificates have become widely accepted, and browsers issue warnings if a website does not load over an encrypted connection. After using certificates, further measures are used, for example the security headers, which prevent foreign JavaScript code from being executed on your website, or iFrames from displaying content from other pages and thus trying to harvest/manipulate data.

First you can check your website at

If your test result also has an A+ rating, you've done everything right.

In cases of B or less, an analysis of the actual state is a good idea:
What hosting is used, what CMS do you use, etc. Based on this information, we can help you ensure that your website also gets the best rankings on the web in terms of security. You can concentrate on your content and your website visitors are as safe as the state of the art allows.

E-Mail Server

There are many different ways to send and receive e-mail. Starting from the private e-mail address, which is included in the DSL hosting, over special offers at hosters like IONOS up to the own mail server.

Why set up your own mail server?

Today, e-mail communication is indispensable: But is your e-mail transmitted securely?

There are various methods for transmitting e-mail messages:
Email servers communicate with each other, in the best case, over an encrypted connection. With your own hosted solution, you determine which protocols your own server accepts, whether it allows unencrypted and insecure communication, or reports it as undeliverable.

Spam filters can be set very finely and precisely, specifically according to your specifications and needs. If your mail server is running under your brand domain, it will be verified and prepared for the best possible communication. TSLA, DANE and DNSSEC are no foreign words for us and a gain for you in terms of security.